Introduction to Into-Me-I-See

Month of February 2021
    B L A C and TunnelVision Creative Agency teamed together to bring you a series a called, Into-Me-I-See.  “Intimacy” is a month-long digital activation, launching during Black History Month. Each week of Black History Month, 2 Black Artists will be featured (8 Artists Total). The feature will spotlight a piece or a body of work and its intention. At the end of each week, we will pair two artists together for a conversation that unpacks their psyche, motivation, and process to become liberated.

To bridge a connection to the artists that created before us, we will be showcasing a historical Black Artist Collective each week. Encouraging our audience to seek deeper into their roots and understand the foundation of Black Expression.

Simultaneously, we want to be apart of the healing and growth of our followers. We will be providing raffles each week for the chance to win free Passion Planners.