The Spirtual Influence & Fruition of

Black – (English a.) of any human group having dark-colored skin, especially of African ancestry.
Liberated – (English a.) a person showing freedom from social conventions or traditional ideas. Artist – (English n.) a person who practices various creative arts. Collective – (English a.) done by people acting as a group.

            B L A C was created by a Black/Bisexual/Muslim artist who grew up feeling afraid to explore and nurture her purpose. To us, Black history is the richest history in the world but yet we are constantly pushed down to feel as if we’re nothing. We are the creators, the originators, and inspiration of all things and we created a platform that exudes that.

We call attention to the talent and perseverance of Black artists and creators. It is important we showcase those with different skills and backgrounds, understanding their personal relationship with self and how it reflects in their work.

We’re inspired by individuals who live in their creativity, who own who they are, and we want to share that in hopes to inspire others.

Engage with us as we explore transdisciplinary thinkers through visuals and dialogue. Let us go on a journey to grow our knowledge of folks who paved the way for us and celebrate the liberated artist.