BHM Collective Highlight

Month of February 2021  
    “Where We At” Black Women Artist Inc. In early 1971, Kay Brown, Dindga McCannon, and Faith Ringgold gathered a group of black women at McCannon’s Brooklyn home to discuss their common frustrations in trying to build their careers as artists. Not only did they find that juggling their creative ambitions with their roles as mothers and working heads of households left little time to make and promote their art, but they also felt excluded from the largely white downtown art world as well as from the male-dominated black art world.

“Where We At” was initially the title of a 1971 art show featuring Black women artists. The women decided to take the synergy and mold it into an art collective that supported one another’s life, art, and careers. WWA also took up the cause of developing the mind and spirits of their communities by creating art and culture workshops in schools, prisons, hospitals, and cultural centers.