BHM Collective Highlight

Month of February 2021
    Collectives are a staple within Black art traditions and they exist in many forms and in different genres of expression. Even in Hip Hop we see mobilization of collectives, (i.e. Wu-Tang, Roc-A-Fella, Odd Future, The Dungeon Family, Woodworks). For generations artists have teamed up to accelerate career growth, solve community issues, and elevate one another's craft.

Today we feature an art collective that has stood the test of time, “Spiral” (Arts Alliance), was a New York–based collective of African-American artists that came together in the 1960s to discuss their relationship to the Civil Rights Movement and the shifting landscape of American art, culture and politics. The group included artists Charles Alston, Emma Amos, Romare Bearden, Calvin Douglass, Perry Ferguson, Reginald Gammon, Felrath Hines, Alvin Hollingsworth, Norman Lewis, Earl Miller, William Majors, Richard Mayhew, Merton D. Simpson.”
(Credit: Studio Museum of Harlem)